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Intercultural Training for Successful International Assignments

Our training is designed as inter-cultural preparation that deals with relocation distress and gives newcomers the tools to adapt to the new culture.

Every year between 10-50% of international assignments globally ends in failure meaning prematurely or ineffectively. The main reasons for such collapse are family stress and cultural inflexibility. As an often under-estimated step in the whole relocation process, intercultural preparation tends to be vital to create a sustainable and successful international assignment.

Our module-based training is designed to ease the stress, prepare the Assignees for the intercultural encounter and provide them with tools for a successful international assignment.

All our pieces of training are led by a professional certified inter-cultural coach. The one-on-one form allows addressing the specific needs of each participant. Our modular approach to training allows participants to actively influence the content.

The modules can be freely mixed and matched to create an ideal training meeting the specific needs of our clients.
Depending on the number of modules the training can last between one to three full days.

Intercultural Training give our employees the necessary information, skills & attitudes to enable them to adjust and to function productively in the new environment

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We’ve learned our employees are more loyal to the company if they get proper intercultural preparation before the deployment abroad. Our retention rate has increased since we introduced mandatory intercultural training as part of the relocation package.

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