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Relocation Management Solutions

Our corporate relocation services are designed to support your HR function in managing international employees both as intra-company transfers as well as new hires from abroad or local plus.


Pre-Decision Services

Once you offer your employee an expat assignment, your HR department is flooded with questions regarding the financials, quality of life and security, impact on their lifestyle and family situation, and about the host country itself. We offer our services to gently lead the future transferees through all these issues and discuss all their concerns. To ease the anxiety and realistically prepare them to take a conscious decision, we also explain them your corporate international assignment policies and guidelines.

Assignment Management
incl. Lease, Visas, Work Permits Renewals

We have our fingers on the pulse of all legalities and keep those up-to-date. As soon as the lease contract, visa or work permits expire, we contact your HR department and your employee to feed us with documents for the renewals. We handle all the bureaucratic issues as much as possible alone, to save time of your employees.

Single Point of Contact
incl. all communication concerning assignment issues

During and after the relocation, we remain a main point of contact to your employee to handle all expat transfer related matters. Our consultant builds a relationship to the expat and becomes their ‘guardian angel’ throughout the assignment. ExpatsGuide represents your company avoiding time-consuming communication with your HR department.


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