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Successful Global Mobility Solutions for Corporations

For corporations, we offer extended range of personnel global mobility solutions. All relocation services are designed as cost effective and efficient tools to support your company in managing international personnel resources and support your HR function. In every aspect we take your budget and time of your moving employee into consideration.

We offer Destination Services, Consulting and Training.

HR Consulting

Before getting on-board together with all stakeholders we review your internal HR process related to global mobility , intra-company moves and onboarding new hires from abroad. By mapping the process, our consultants spot improvement potentials and consult your teams how to streamline the ecosystem. We support your Human Resources Department to manage international personnel in the most effective and cost-efficient way. Should you require assistance in setting up international assignment policies, HR processes for the first time transfers, we are there for you.

Destination Services

We support your HR function during intra-company transfers (long-term assignments and local plus). Likewise our services are designed to succesffuly onboard your freshly hired employees from abroad. ExpatsGuide offers services to ensure quick deployment of your resources and smooth start in the new entity.

Our Intercultural Training and Coaching Program

Certified coach-led training prepare your employees for an intercultural adventure. As all our trainings are module based. They are flexible and can be adapted to specific needs and requirements of your employees. We start with mapping Transferee’s culture vs. local culture to raise cultural awareness. Only in the next step, we bring your employee closer to the hosting culture and give them tools how to deal with a cultural shock.

Our Intercultural Coaching Program is designed to assist the Employee during the first months on the job. By leading regular coaching sessions we address actual issues and present tools to tackle all the problems.

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