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Corporate Relocation Services

Corporations using services of ExpatsGuide Relocation Services rely on our professional approach to handling international assignments and save costs and time of their HR employees. We offer personnel mobility solutions of a wide choice.


Intercultural Training and Pre-Assignment Consultation

Every year between 10-50% expats assignments globally end in failure meaning prematurely or ineffectively as per Chalré Associates.
Main reasons for such collapse are family stress and cultural inflexibility among others. Hence, as a response we created a service of intercultural trainings that deal with relocation distress and prepare newcomers to the new culture and country. All our trainings include cultural awareness, business protocols and mapping cultural differences. Additionally, we offer dealing with cultural shock coaching and daily living & community integration consultation.

Destination Services incl. School & House Search

We take care of your employee relocation since the very first moment they decided on the international assignment, through supporting them in settling-in phase up until the repatriation.
Using our services, relocation process is shortened to the minimum and your employee is ready for the new job even faster.

We understand the challenges related to a relocation. Even more, the transferees moving with family are exposed to even higher degree of stress. Hence, we developed a special program to support partners, children and other family members. We will support partners in looking for a job or becoming self-employed. We assist them in finding themselves in the new environment by choosing hobby classes, expat meet-up groups and offer them special trainings for spouses. As moving with elderly dependent parents is growing in trend, we also offer services tailored to them.

While searching for rental property, we keep in mind the budget allowance you assigned to your employee and present to your employee a wide range of properties, including those below the budget. Once the real estate has been chosen, we negotiate with a realtor the best lease rate. Our consultant will spot all overpriced properties and hidden costs to cut spending for your corporation and satisfy your employee.

To reduce your costs even further, while choosing a school for the children, our consultants show differences between various educational systems and schools. As some of the private international schools receive a public financial aid, we will introduce these facilities to your employee.

Immigration Services

ExpatsGuide professional handling of immigration issues cuts the time your employee needs to spend visiting public offices. We take on ourselves applications preparation and gathering all required documents, regardless if it’s a visa, residency, tax number or work permit application.

Settling-in Services

We value your employees. Their well-being means increased value of your resources. Hence, we offer a wide range of settling-in services, which we see as a core of a smooth relocation. At ExpatsGuide we anticipate possible problem zones and prepare your employee to minimize anxieties they might face during the first months of their assignment.
These services encompass both hard and soft tools.

At the beginning we take all expats on an orientation tour to familiarize them with the new location. We take into consideration their lifestyle and hobbies to prepare an offer of diverse educational and recreational services: Language Training, Intercultural Courses, Hobby, and Leisure Activities. We introduce them to expats community in the area.

We have a special offer for accompanying partners to ease their relocation and prepare them for this new phase in their life. At the beginning of the assignment, we invite them to participate in a training and later in a discussion group with other expat partners.

Not to mention, we handle all utility registration issues and any problems that might occur, while moving in to the new property. We assist in opening up a bank account, signing up for additional insurances, exchanging driver’s license, to name a few.

Split-Families Assistance

We understand the global development trends in employee mobility. Since more and more partnerships are based on dual-career, and more and more often partners are remaining in the home location, we designed brand new services of supporting split-families. Whether Germany is employee host or home location; we support both parties by property management, temporary accommodation and general assistance.

Short-Term Assignments Management

For young professionals, who are often sent on short-term assignments, we offer our fast-track services. Especially for those employees it’s crucial to arrange the move very quickly to enable them to focus on the new role a.s.a.p.

Student Relocation

Whenever you hire students on internships or diploma grants, we take care of their relocation as well. Knowing how important young talent acquisition for your corporation is, we support students during their transfer and treat them with great importance from the very beginning.

Ongoing On-Assignment Support

To ensure a stress-free expat assignment for your employee and to avoid time consuming initiatives in search for answers, we developed a service of an ongoing support. Whenever questions arise, our consultants are on stand-by to support your employee.

Repatriation Management

At ExpatsGuide, we assist your employee right to the end of their assignment. We facilitate termination of the lease contract, claim the deposit, liaise with insurance company in case of damages, and close all the utility contracts; organize for the goods to be shipped and de-register all the family members from the local authorities.

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