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Setting up a business in Germany

Entrepreneurs wanting to set up a business in Germany can enjoy our professional consulting in founding a company in Germany or moving a business to Germany. We advise on various legal business forms and lead the process of setting up a legal entity in Germany.

Professional consulting

As a very first step in advising you on the move of your company to Germany, we assess the needs and requirements of your business. Germany is a very strong economy with a wide range of opportunities as well as pitfalls. To avoid any problems occurring during and after the founding of your new company, let it be a subsidiary of your existing business or move of your headquarters, our professional consultants lead you wisely throughout the process.

Choice of legal entity form

As an entrepreneur in Germany, you are free to choose the legal form of your business. This decision has a huge impact on the future of your company, its development, taxation, the liability of your business, and your person.

Starting from small businesses, sole proprietors, and various partnerships to Limited Liability and Stock companies, we advise you on the pros and cons of all the forms.

The procedure of Founding a Company

Our service of setting up a business in Germany is meant to lead you through the whole legal and public procedure incl. obtaining licenses and certifications where required in order to open up a company in Germany.

Our legal advisory and lawyer partners are there to take care of the signing of founding contracts and registering your company at appropriate Registries and Courts.

Setting up an office / Virtual Office / Co-working Space

When it comes to finding an office space, we are your partners in search for the appropriate property. We present you with different options and locations, so you can choose the best possible option for your business.

If you are looking for a serviced office space in Germany, we can arrange for it as well.

Relocation of employees

Once your business has been properly set up, we take care of the relocation of your crucial employees to the new location in Germany. Read more about the relocation of employees including our destination services to Germany.

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