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Skilled Immigration Act

New Immigration Law in Germany Due to the lack of qualified candidates such as craftsmen, engineers, or nurses, Germany has promoted the Skilled Inmigration Act (since March 1st ) that allows people from outside the EU to work in Germany in a much easier way than before. The top priority is good training and further education […]

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Communication as a key to success

  How good it must feel when a person gets a job in another city in the world and at the same time can take the family with it. The ideal situation would be for both husbands and wives to get a job or a leisure activity or study while adjusting to their new life, […]

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A helpfull update regarding the global current situation

What a strange time we are living… nobody thought about it but here we are to support you. We recommend you always check the official information and not just rely on blogs, personal commentaries or social media post among others. Here you can find important information about how the processes are carried out in each […]

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It Would Have Been Useful

Have you recently moved to Germany? Are you planning to move? All aspects considered, understanding the local cultuire is a key element during relocation. We have compiled a list of cultural aspects that we believe is important to know. Enjoy! Dialects: While it is true that in large cities “Hochdeutsch” is normally spoken, it is […]

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Bureaucracy and Language: the enemy of foreigners

Although Germany is a surprising country in the way its architectural riches are distributed and preserved, we have to say it… the bureaucracy in this country is a concept known by all and hated by many. And of course, it couldn’t be any different if a German (Max Weber 1864-1920) developed the concept. If you […]

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Five things you didn’t know about Expatsguide

Germany has around 82 million people living in 82 cities with no more than 4 million inhabitants. It is for this reason that, if you are thinking of living in Germany, you will find infinite consulting agencies that can help you in your relocation process but not all of them have what we consider vital […]

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The University of Heidelberg or Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Heidelberg, the charming city for students is also home to scientist and researchers. We present in this post the University of Heidelberg as one of the biggest employers of the region. Heidelberg is considered a romantic medieval city located in the Neckar river valley in the northeast of Baden-Württemberg. Known by millions of tourists who […]

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Discover Germany

We are featured in the April Easter issue of Discover Germany Magazine presenting our company. Discover Germany Issue April 2019 Transcript below: The smoothest relocation experience possible After spending several years as an expatriate abroad, Ilona Keilich founded Expats Guide in 2010. It started as an online tool and later developed into a blooming consulting […]

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Residence Permit after Brexit

During the recent days there has been a lot of information about the future of British citizens in Germany after Brexit. Now, we got some clarity from the Foreign Ministry in Germany.

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Relocating to Malta

Over the years, Malta became a very popular destination amongst expats and companies relocating abroad. The island, despite being small, offers thousands of opportunities for individuals wanting to prosper their careers and/or open a company in Malta. Below are some of the main advantages of relocating to Malta; Climate – Malta boasts 300 days of […]

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