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Brexit; Arbeiten, Reisen und Leben in Deutschland

Das Jahr 2021 hat gerade erst angefangen aber der Brexit bringt jetzt schon viele Veränderungen mit sich. Es gibt ein Abkommen, aber was heißt dieses für diejenigen, die zwischen dem Vereinigten Königreich und Deutschland umziehen wollen, für Geschäftsreisende, für britische Staatsangehörige, die schon vor dem Brexit in Deutschland wohnhaft waren? Kurze Aufenthalte in Deutschland für […]

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Brexit; working, travelling and living in Germany

2021 will be a year of many things, but one thing that is already shaping this year is Brexit. Now that a deal has been made, what does it mean for those relocating between the UK and Germany as well as for business travelers and those who already lived in Germany before Brexit? Short trips […]

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Relocation to Germany after Brexit

Published on Dec 10th, 2020 As of Jan 1st, 2021 all British citizens who are not in a possession of a Residence Permit in Germany will be obliged to hold an entry visa before entering the country. Beginning 15 June 2020 the German Missions in the UK have resumed processing of visa applications for British citizens. The […]

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US Army in Germany

Published on Nov, 23rd, 2020 Since June this year, the United States has taken the decision to remove a significant number of military personnel from the region, marking a change in relations between the two countries. The presence of American military personnel in Germany is still significant and is distributed in different German cities. The […]

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New Rules for British Citizens After Brexit

The German Parliament (Bundestag) has adopted legislation implementing the Withdrawal Agreement in Germany. All the UK nationals living in Germany on and beyond the end of the transition period (31 December 2020) should notify their local Foreigners Authority (usually called Ausländerbehörde) by 30 June 2021, in order to obtain a new residence document confirming their rights (Aufenthaltsdokument-GB)

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Entry Restrictions to Germany from November 2020

The regulations on quarantine obligation are issued by the federal states in their own responsibility. Therefore, please ask your local health or regulatory authorities about the specific quarantine regulations.

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Remote working – a dream or a nightmare?

2020 has been an incredible year for remote working, with the global pandemic achieving something that years of campaigning had not – working from home is now not only socially acceptable but actively desirable. Throughout the globe, workers have exchanged commuting for the comfort of their own home.

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Germany for Scientists and Researchers

Germany’s reputation as a top destination for researchers is well-founded for a number of reasons. Top Universities For one, Germany’s universities are rated amongst the best in the world. These universities and other research institutions provide an excellent environment for researchers, often working in international teams on groundbreaking projects. Academic publications in Germany are also […]

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Fast-Track Immigration

Dieser Artikel auf Deutsch lesen. On 1st March 2020, the Skilled Immigration Act came into force in Germany, making it easier for skilled professionals from outside the EU to move to Germany to work. This Act not only relaxes some of the rules in place for entering the country but also includes a fast-track immigration […]

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