Moving to Germany can be a very exciting experience. Our resources on living and relocating to Germany: Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Munich can be found very useful during the move to Germany.

Germany is one of the biggest and economically strongest countries in Europe and the world. It’s liberal and open to new-coming expatriates. Among its nearly 82 millions inhabitants, some 7% are officially non-Germans further 10% come from non-Germans parents. Hence, the tradition of inter-nationality and openness is well established and hence the country makes a perfect place for expatriates moving to Germany.


English is widely spoken and expatriates moving to Germany usually don’t face problems in communicating with the locals. Nonetheless, Germans do appreciate efforts of foreigners speaking their language.


The weather throughout Germany is quite diverse, from rainy winters in the north to snowy in the south and relatively warm and dry summers across the country.

Germany’s central position in Europe makes it a great base for further traveling destinations within Europe, which is widely appreciated among expatriates moving here from other continents.

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Moving to Frankfurt am Main – City Profile

Frankfurt being the smallest metropolis of the world, head to European Central Bank and a financial center of Germany incl. stock exchange offers an exciting life for expatriates.

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Moving to Heidelberg

Heidelberg has a historical flair and as Goethe claimed “something ideal about it”. It’s a dynamic city which constantly develops, offers great atmosphere, fantastic shopping possibilities and various international schools.

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Moving to Stuttgart – City Profile 

Stuttgart is one of a kind. It’s a combination of history and contemporary, tradition and modern, industry and nature. It offers high quality of life, high standard of education and diverse leisure activities.

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