Renting a property in Germany: German Real Estate Market is very well regulated and well developed. In general terms, rental law is pro-tenant. The wide choice of real estates for rent in major cities can satisfy even the most choosy customers.

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Tenants enjoy legal protection of their rights and the rent prices. Once the price is negotiated and the contract signed, it’s not easy for the landlord to increase the rent. The lease rise can be imposed however, by a small percentage a year and only in case of undervalued rental price. Some lease contracts include an annual increase of the rent.

Moreover, lease contracts cannot be easily terminated by the landlord. He/she needs to give an important reason and allow a tenant for a termination period of minimum three months.

Similarly landlords cannot put on tenant almost any renovation works. In general terms, if apartment was handed over non-renovated, tenant doesn’t need to paint the walls after moving out, unless there were major damages done by the tenant.

Our relocation service of Home Finding Package encompasses review of the rental/lease contract. We advise on various legal matters, negotiate rental price for the tenant and other items like deposit payments and damages review before check-in.

Lease Rates:

In Germany, lease prices are communicated as bare rent meaning without utilities (so called Kaltmiete). The Nebenkosten (utilities) and the Kaltmiete constitute the Warmmiete, so the full rent, paid monthly to landlord’s bank account. Utilities are based on estimate and include such items as: water, property tax, maintenance, waste collection. Heating can be either included or excluded from the rent, so it’s important to understand if tenant needs to bear additional costs. Electricity comes in most cases on top of these costs and is to be handled directly by a tenant.

Likewise the charges for garage rental or parking space are in most cases excluded from the rent.

Also telephone, internet and mandatory public broadcasters fees are a private matter and are under tenant’s responsibility.

As part of our service, we support our clients in utilities registration, as a general House Move-in Package, and advise on various insurances.

This article serves only informative purpose, and it is not meant as a legal advice.