ExpatsGuide – Relocation Services in Germany

ExpatsGuide Relocation Services offers relocation support to expatriates moving to Germany: Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Munich, Cologne, Heidelberg, Nuremberg: Destination Services, Expats Package Negotiation, Intercultural Trainings & Relocation Assistance.

Whenever you decide to take up a new assignment and move to Germany, our relocation services are tailored to your needs. We offer highly customized relocation assistance for expatriates moving to Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne, Wiesbaden, Heidelberg, Nuremberg and other German cities on single short-term assignments as well as long-term family move.

ExpatsGuide Relocation Services offers wide range of relocation services in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Heidelberg, Nuremberg, Munich:

Our 360 degree relocation services approach targets all phases of relocation to Germany from the decision taking process until the repatriation.

RELOCATION DECISION: We offer consultation before the actual relocation, expatriate package negotiation and cost estimates, intercultural training and orientation tours in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Heidelberg, Nuremberg, Munich.

RELOCATION TO GERMANY: Starting from facilitation of the move to Germany, we offer also immigration assistance, home search, international school search and relocation support to families.

ON ASSIGNMENT: We assist expatriates living in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Heidelberg, Nuremberg, Munich during their assignment through an on-going support service being their partner during their stay in Germany.

REPATRIATION: ExpatsGuide organises repatriation at the end of the international assignment.

Highly Customized Services

Essential Services

Key Elements Solutions

Essential Services

Our essential services cut the relocation budget by offering only key element services and limited relocation assistance. It is targeted to companies which transfer young professionals and believe in their ability of arranging many relocation matters on their own.

Premium Services

'Red-Carpet' Solutions

Premium Services

Our premium services are tailored to the needs of demanding transferees on senior positions when their timely deployment is crucial to the business. We take all the administrative burden on us and limit the time of the transferee’s involvement to the minimum.

Awards & Recognitions

ExpatsGuide has been recognised for its services. We have been shortlisted in the Category: Destination Service Provider of the Year 2018 for the second consecutive year.

Customer’s testimonials

Family Relocation from Italy to Frankfurt

ExpatsGuide has relocated our family from Rome to Frankfurt. It was a cultural shock for us to come here! Thankfully we had Ilona at our side who has helped us a lot. She found for us a great house near the Italian school, introduced us to the Italian community and supported us in finding our way around Frankfurt. We can only recommend her services to other expats. Grazie!

Marcello, Frankfurt, June 2012

Pre-decision support while negotiating expat package

I was offered a job in Frankfurt. As the position didn't include the typical expat's package, I was granted an annual lump sum to make up for the hardship of expatriate living. Since I never lived in Germany, I asked ExpatsGuide to prepare for me and my family a cost-of-living analysis to understand better if the allowance was advantageous for me. The EG team delivered a great simple and understandable presentation. Thanks to their professional approach and wise advises I managed to negotiate a higher package. I would highly recommend their services to every expat moving to Frankfurt for business reasons.

Carmen from Spain, May 2014

Family Move from Brazil to Frankfurt

While relocating to Frankfurt with my family, we booked ExpatsGuide to support us in search for an international school in Frankfurt area. The experience, customer service and hands-on-approach of the team, helped us a lot during the move to Frankfurt. They advised on different options, including bi-lingual schools and search for the available spaces during the mid-year. We managed to get both of our kids in the international school located close to our new house. The consultant prepared for us cost-of-living analysis together with the school fees, which helped us a lot to take the right decision. Thank you for your support!

Diego from Brazil, January 2013

Orientation Tour in Heidelberg

Our company has booked Orientation Tour for one of our potential candidates for a senior role in Heidelberg, Germany. Expats Guide delivered a professional service showing our new employee housing, schooling and living situation in the area. They were fantastic in communicating with us and we will surely use their services again in the future.

Julian, San Francisco, 2015