Social Security System in Germany offer good coverage for various unforeseen situations and risks. We explain the main modules.

General Social Security System

All employees working in Germany obtain at the initial registration a social security number. The system covers the pension scheme, unemployment insurance, health insurance and nursery care as well as work accident insurance.

While health insurance can be widely chosen and often employees may choose between various health care insurance providers and some have the right to choose between private and public insurance, the unemployment and pension scheme are governed by central agency.

The fees are deducted automatically from the salary each month.

Child Benefit

In general terms all employees in Germany and citizens who are considered subject to tax can apply for a child benefit payable directly to the employee bank account.

In 2019 for the 1st and 2nd child it is 204€ each, for the 3rd child 210€ and from 4th child 235€.

If you are unsure if you are elible for a Child Benefit, contact us.