Situated right at the heart of the Netherlands Utrecht is one of the most attractive cities you can choose to move to whether temporarily or a permanent stay. For a city boasting of just about 330,000 people in population, they offer quite some amenities available in the bigger cities.

The old nature of its environments makes one the perfect places you can live in the country, its mixture of both countryside and urban landscape makes it suitable for both international companies with a high standard of living and relaxed establishments looking to maintain existence.

Cost of Living

As a city, Utrecht is experiencing its fastest growth rate in terms of its bolstering economy and a high number of educated workforce, and for this reason, it has risen among the ranks to having about the second highest standard of living in the whole on the Netherlands.

The growth rate of its economy has led to the shortage of houses, and for this reason, they have embarked on new housing projects such as the Leidsche Rijn, and for this reason monthly rent may come off as high ranging from about €350 to about €900 on apartment alone.

As for feeding, there are food markets on weekends all day, where you can look to purchase cooking ingredients if you are looking to cook yourself, on a maximum you should be spending about €200 for every month.

The transportation routes around the city are excellent, more specifically when you travel by train as you can quickly move to bigger cities such as Amsterdam in about 25 minutes. There is a mega central station located in the city where all trains going anywhere in the country pass through, the use of public transport is on the low though mainly in the city, people in the city prefer to cycle to wherever they desire to move to in the town.

Places to Live in Utrecht

Leidsche Rijn

The Leidsche Rijn is one of the newest housing projects in the city of Utrecht consisting of two smaller villages namely Meern and Vleuten, which also includes the vast agricultural locale from Utrecht to the two smaller villages.

This area boasts of about 30,000 house and increasing capacity for companies, to this effect the community ensures that while they continue to grow to be one of the biggest in the country they still are looking forward to maintaining the environmental friendly attribute with the creation of standard houses and underground motorways.


After about twenty minuted into the city of Utrecht, their first locale you would come to meet is the suburb of Ijsselstein, a locale filled with rich green serene which would suit nature lovers; it also boasts of newly completed house projects ready to be on retail.


Located in the southern part of Utrecht, Nieuwegein is a consisting of varieties of housing styles, a good number of these houses surround themselves with nature creating an ideal residential area for younger families.

This town can also serve as a source of entertainment and also as an excellent residential community, in the recent years also there has been an influx in foreign companies that continue to build in the expanding industrial parks.

Things to do in Utrecht

Along with the country like mixed with the urban environment, Utrecht also serves as a great city for students, giving you a whole lot to experience.

Below is a list of things to see and experience throughout your stay

The Canal

The canal network of the Utrecht is very serene when compared to those of bigger cities like Amsterdam, along with its tranquil ambience it also is surrounded with green space.

Furthermore, their walkways are in a crisscrossing format making for a perfect place for you to take an evening stroll. It gives you one of the most cultural feelings of the city.

Museum Catharnijeconvent

This museum serves as a monument for the town because it is regarded as one of the purest collection of medieval art in the Netherlands. Regardless of your religious persuasion, you will appreciate the originality and quality put into the artworks inside. This place gives you not only a good knowledge of the tradition but also the feel around it.

Netherlands film festival

This festival is one of the most important festivals in the country making it a significant event, the whole festival spans for about ten days of which the city watches both feature films and short clips of every possible kind, there is also the presence of movie directors, celebrities and actors who also participate in the festival.

Craft Beer Festival

The city of Utrecht also hosts to the beer festival, where indigenous brewers come around to display and promote their work. The festival takes place in almost every bar and pub in the city and also entry is free, leaving you to only provide for the drink.