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As an individual client in Germany you are entitiled to revoke any contract signed on-line. As such we accommodate the right for you to withdraw you contractual obligation withing 14 days from the day you have signed the contract.

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Quarantine & Covid Test Rules

6:40 am|Comments Off on Quarantine & Covid Test Rules

During the Covid pandcmic, the entry ban to Germany is widespread, and they're only a few exemptions to the rule. If however, essential is travel is proven and entry to Germany is allowed, quarantine and test rules need to be followed. These change nearly every week and there is no common federal approach, rather each state has its own regulations.

Retirement in Germany

12:08 pm|Comments Off on Retirement in Germany

Published on Jan 16, 2021 For many people of retirement age, Germany can be very attractive when it comes to the quality of life and pensions. Nevertheless, there are a number of important aspects to [...]

Learning German during Relocation to Germany

3:45 pm|Comments Off on Learning German during Relocation to Germany

Today in our globalised world relocation has become an option for many people who now have the chance to change the course of their life; moving, working, and living in another country. Change is rarely [...]

Relocation to Germany after Brexit

2:27 pm|Comments Off on Relocation to Germany after Brexit

Published on Dec 10th, 2020 As of Jan 1st, 2021 all British citizens who are not in a possession of a Residence Permit in Germany will be obliged to hold an entry visa before entering [...]

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