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Property Ownership in Germany

Are you considering buying a property in Germany? Before you do, learn more about the fundamental points of property ownership in Germany.

Jenny Leibe May 15, 2024 Read more

New EU Blue Card Regulations

In 2023, a new immigration law was passed to make it easier for skilled workers to come to Germany – we explain the resulting changes for the EU Blue Card.

Jenny Leibe April 17, 2024 Read more

New Citizenship Law

Germany is introducing a new citizenship law with a number of changes that are of relevance to expats in the country.

Jenny Leibe February 15, 2024 Read more

Applying for an Employer Change

Residence permits for employment are bound to specific employers – here we explain everything you need to know if you want to change employers.

Jenny Leibe October 5, 2023 Read more

Top Tips for Immigration to Germany

Here at Expats Guide, we have been assisting immigration to Germany from all over the world for several years. Here are our top tips to make sure that your move to Germany goes as smoothly as possible.

Jenny Leibe April 10, 2023 Read more

Pregnancy in Germany

Find out what you need to know about pregnancy and giving birth in Germany. From finding a doctor to choosing where to give birth.

Jenny Leibe March 23, 2023 Read more

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