Communication as a Key to Success

How good it must feel when a person gets a job in another city in the world and at the same time can take the family with them.

First Steps First

The ideal scenario while relocating a family to Germany, would be for both spouses o get a job or a leisure activity or study while adjusting to their new life, their new challenges, even a new language. Ideally, if there are children involved, they can attend a school of their choice, perhaps close to their home, and the children will have new friends and adapt easily in the process. Unfortunately, the situation of the accompanying family is not usually so idyllic. Many times, the companies that hire their workers to work abroad do not take the weight of what an adaptation process means. The most important thing here is communication from the moment the decision is made to travel to another country. The fact that a person changes his life completely is not necessarily a tourist adventure as many times as employment agencies offer it, but it is a process of adaptation and acceptance with this new life.

Adaptation Process

As we said before, communication from the beginning between the HR or relocation agency and the family involved plays a very important role in the whole process to be successful. Looking for activities, hobbies, studies or even a job from the beginning can mean an immense change when integrating into this new country. It is very common that after the first six months, the partner loses some charm with this new country if they follow a routine, since they could lose their personal objectives and even wonder what they are doing in that country more than accompanying. Accompanying means making a great effort that must be rewarded in some way. In today’s world, both parents work and maintain active lives that cannot be simply replaced with a beautiful landscape and a “tourist” life. The fact that their friends and family are not there can speed up the process of return completely. That is why it is necessary to inform the families about the possibilities in the destination country, to know the cultural aspects, the language, the customs, and the work possibilities.

Children as a Critical Factor in Adaptation Process

Something very similar happens with children and the process of adaptation. Children, as well as adults, suffer a lot when separated from their friends and family and often do not find the same support system that they had. That’s why seeing the possibilities earlier so that they can integrate can mean a big change in the lives of the little ones. It can even be a great help to pack their favorite toys and objects so they don’t feel completely detached. Luckily, in these times, technology brings us much closer to those who are far away, and maintaining frequent contact can trigger well-being and give emotional security to the little ones.

Getting Help

ExpatsGuide has a team that knows this type of situation, even the writer of this article knows the situation very well. We want you and your family to feel welcome in Germany because we know how challenging it can be to change everything from one day to the next. It is not easy, but if you know the tools and possibilities beforehand you can make yourself and your family feel that you are doing something that is completely worthwhile and that can mean a positive impact for the rest of your life.

Inter-Cultural Trainings

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