Entry Restrictions to Germany from November 2020

Below you will find relevant information on the measures in force in Germany as of November concerning entry restrictions.

The regulations on quarantine obligation are issued by the federal states in their own responsibility. Therefore, please ask your local health or regulatory authorities about the specific quarantine regulations.

What are the travel restrictions in non-European air and sea transport regulations?

From 27 October 2020, unlimited entry into Germany is possible for residents of the following countries:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Uruguay

In addition, this list should be extended by the states

  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • China
  • SVZ of the PRC Hong Kong and Macau

can be extended as soon as the mutual possibility of entry is established.

When is the compelling necessity of the entry given?

A compelling necessity is given for entries into Germany since July 2, 2020, if the passport and visa regulations are observed in the following cases:

  • Foreign specialists and highly qualified workers whose employment is necessary from an economic point of view and whose work cannot be postponed or carried out abroad
  • Personnel in the transport of goods and other transport personnel
  • Foreign students whose studies cannot be completely carried out from abroad, as well as trainees and third-country nationals who enter for post-qualification if the training or post-qualification cannot be completely carried out from abroad
  • Foreign family members entering the country by family reunion as well as visiting trips for urgent family reasons,
  • Diplomats, personnel of international organizations, military personnel, and humanitarian aid workers in the exercise of their duties (see also What special rules apply to the proofs of short-term entry to Germany of third-country nationals, family members of holders of diplomatic or service passports of Germany, other EU states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland or Great Britain?)
  • Late repatriates


Which skilled workers and highly qualified employees may enter the country from outside of Europe?

Skilled and highly qualified workers as defined in the “Council Recommendation (EU 2020/912) of 30 June 2020 on the temporary restriction of unnecessary travel to the EU and its possible removal”:

  • Skilled workers with a concrete job offer in the sense of the legal, which is proved by the declaration of employment
  • Scientists/researchers
  • Secondments and ICT limited to executives and specialists
  • Managers and company specialists
  • Professional sportsmen and professional e-sportsmen for participation in competitions, international sports events or for the use in German clubs
  • IT specialists
  • Employment in the special public interest
  • Qualified contract workers
  • Self-employed persons


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