New Immigration Law for Skilled Workers

Published on July 10th, 2023

Germany has passed a new immigration law for skilled workers making it easier to move to Germany to work.


Have you found a job in Germany that is perfect for you but the endless complicated immigration rules make it impossible for you to actually relocate? We have good news for you – the German government has passed a new immigration law for skilled workers making it easier to move to Germany.

Current Situation

In 2022, there were more job vacancies in Germany than ever previously recorded. These are in a multitude of areas from nursing to nurseries, from schools and IT to the public sector. Skilled workers are in short supply. The new immigration law passed on 23rd June 2023 aims to tackle these problems.

What is new?

The new legislation states that there are three paths that you can take: qualification, experience and potential. These criteria are not as strict as in the past, meaning that more people qualify and the whole process is faster and less complicated.


As far as qualification is concerned, you will be able to work in any skilled employment if you have a degree. This dramatically affects your employment options in Germany with many more positions open to you.


When it comes to experience, you need to have two years of vocational experience and a vocational qualification which is officially recognized by your home country to move to Germany to work. One major improvement here is that the qualification no longer has to be recognized in Germany. This makes the application process significantly faster and less complicated.

When does the new legislature come into force?

Some of the new regulations will be effective from November 2023 while others will apply from early 2024. This is a conscious decision in order to allow the relevant authorities the time to adapt their processes and ensure that the immigration procedure is as smooth and streamlined as possible.

Getting help

If you meet the new criteria and have found employment in Germany, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Expats Guide so that we can advise you on the process and help to make sure that your relocation is as smooth as possible, we will be happy to help!

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