Flexible Mobility Policies

Ilona A. Keilich, our Managing Director, has recently shared her views on mobility policies with People HR. She believes a flexible approach is more fitting to the current global market.

Relocation Policy is an important guideline that is supposed to treat fairly relocating employees and help them to settle in well in the new environment. It is meant as a tool to support home and host unit as well as the transferees themselves during this challenging move.

However, some companies find it hard to create fair relocation policies easing stress during associated with the move. In some other cases, SMEs that are new to mobility are not having any policies in place at all. Additionally firms trying to cut the cost of relocation, offer a lump-sum approach by giving relocating employees an additional allowance and making them take the responsibility for the whole process of relocation. In this case however a lump-sum budget in mobility polices are seen by many transferees as a bonus rather than actual money to spend. Ilona shared a few examples in the interview with People HR.

When thinking about biggest mistakes in HR policies, Ilona has recalled a few examples when very strict and rigid guidelines, caused stress and limited choices of transferring employees.

You can read the full article on the People HR blog.

Ilona A. Keilich

Ilona founded ExpatsGuide in 2010, a Destination Service Provider in Germany servicing international clientele moving to and from Germany. She holds MBA in International Business and has gained, as one a few mobility professionals in Germany, the GMS designation (Global Mobility Specialist) of Worldwide ERC. Personally, Ilona has lived in four European countries and contributes often to global mobility magazines and media.

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