Five Things You Didn’t Know About ExpatsGuide

Germany is a top destination for remote workers. This is how we help in relocating to Germany.

Germany has around 82 million people living in 82 cities with no more than 4 million inhabitants. It is for this reason that, if you are thinking of living in Germany, you will find infinite consulting agencies that can help you in your relocation process but not all of them have what we consider vital and here we explain these reasons in detail:

Proximity: In ExpatsGuide we maintain direct contact with our clients or HR either by phone, email or direct contact. This is possible because ExpatsGuide has consultants who support the central offices and are located in different cities in Germany.

Transparency: the most important thing for us as a company is that both our customers and our employees feel confident, and that is why the communication channel plays an important role. While we strive every day to make our customers or HR feel happy with the outcome of the whole process, sometimes there are setbacks that we cannot control as we would like and that is why we consider it essential to keep our customers informed about their situation no matter what happened.

Experience: With almost 10 years of experience in the market, Ilona Keilich, a graduate in International Business and Communication has taken this company to a high level. This was demonstrated in 2018 when ExpatsGuide was shortlisted for the Expatriate Mobility and Management Award (Emma) in the Destination Service Provider of the Year category in the EMEA region by Forum Expatriate Management.

Modernization: over time, the world is modernized so we too. ExpatsGuide has different tools that help the optimization of processes making the work of our consultants increasingly efficient. This result falls directly to our clients, whether they are individuals or HR since we have platforms where they can access personal information, documents, and the stage in which your requirement is.

Empathy: We firmly believe that no one who has not had the experience of living long in another part of the world can reliably understand what this means. Changing your home, friends, language, work environment, even food can generate significant stress in the change process that will affect future decisions in one way or another, which is why all ExpatsGuide employees have already had this experience and know what it means to be away from home. Under this premise, we can say that our employees and consultants can understand and assist their clients in this process of change.

At ExpatsGuide we believe that all of these concepts can make a big difference when it comes to making big decisions like living in another country. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you!

Beatriz Campos

Beatriz is anĀ academic linguist fluent in Spanish, English, and German supporting ExpatsGuide social media campaigns and administrative tasks. Chilean national who moved to Germany in 2016.

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