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Entry to Germany during Covide entry ban

Ilona has assisted dozens of our employees in moving for their assignments to Germany during the tough pandemic times. Her professionalism, bright ideas, and risk mitigation spirit brought all of our assignees safely and with little stress to Germany. We are grateful to have such a consultant in the field.


Ricky, January 2021

Move from Chicago, IL to Stuttgart, Germany

Expats Guide and Vera’s assistance were beyond amazing.  I could not have done this move without your help.  Thank you for assisting in the process of making Stuttgart Germany my new home.  I will continue to pass on your company information to any friends/colleagues that are in my situation.

Again, thank you for all that you and Vera have done!


Stephanie, October 2017

Repatriation from Germany to the UK

Ilona organised the cancellation of all of our German contracts when we recently moved to the United Kingdom. (…)
Ilona was very responsive and courteous throughout our difficult re-location. We had a very short lead-time and were exiting the country 10 months earlier than expected and as a result we were still within the contract term for many of our services.  Negotiation of the early termination of the house rental contract was particularly fraught.  Ilona worked tirelessly to find a mutually agreeable outcome for both the leaseholder and the landlord.  These discussions required a large amount of tact and diplomacy.
I have no hesitation in recommending Ilona’s services to others for relocation. She very quickly built a strong level of trust and delivered on every aspect of our re-location.


Skye, May 2016

Orientation Tour in Heidelberg

Our company has booked Orientation Tour for one of our potential candidates for a senior role in Heidelberg, Germany.

Expats Guide delivered a professional service showing our new employee housing, schooling and living situation in the area. They were fantastic in communicating with us and we will surely use their services again in the future.

Julian, San Francisco, 2015

Immigration Procedures – Move from Tampa to Wiesbaden

I have moved recently from Tampa, Florida to Wiesbaden, Germany. I used the Expats Guide assistance in various immigration procedures incl. work permit, residency permit and registration, exchange of driver’s license.

They were wonderful in advising and leading me and my husband through all the paperwork. They also organized translation of our documents and took care of setting up all necessary appointments.

I was very pleased with their service and would definitely recommend it to all expatriates moving to Germany.

Liza, Wiesbaden, March 2015

Pre-decision support while negotiating expat package

I was offered a job in Frankfurt. As the position didn’t include the typical expat’s package, I was granted an annual lump sum to make up for the hardship of expatriate living.

Since I never lived in Germany, I asked ExpatsGuide to prepare for me and my family a cost-of-living analysis to understand better if the allowance was advantageous for me. The EG team delivered a great simple and understandable presentation. Thanks to their professional approach and wise advises I managed to negotiate a higher package.

I would highly recommend their services to every expat moving to Frankfurt for business reasons.

Carmen from Spain, May 2014

Family Move from Brazil to Frankfurt

While relocating to Frankfurt with my family, we booked ExpatsGuide to support us in search for an international school in Frankfurt area. The experience, customer service and hands-on-approach of the team, helped us a lot during the move to Frankfurt. They advised on different options, including bi-lingual schools and search for the available spaces during the mid-year. We managed to get both of our kids in the international school located close to our new house.

The consultant prepared for us cost-of-living analysis together with the school fees, which helped us a lot to take the right decision.

Thank you for your support!

Diego from Brazil, January 2013

Family Relocation from Italy to Frankfurt

ExpatsGuide has relocated our family from Rome to Frankfurt. It was a cultural shock for us to come here!

Thankfully we had Ilona at our side who has helped us a lot. She found for us a great house near the Italian school, introduced us to the Italian community and supported us in finding our way around Frankfurt.

We can only recommend her services to other expats. Grazie!

Marcello, Frankfurt, June 2012

Relocation from Poland to Frankfurt

When I got the offer to move to Frankfurt, I thought I can do it all by myself. Very quickly I realised, there is a lot to be organised.

I got recommended Expat’s Guide and used their service to help me out. The immigration procedures suddenly got solved and the apartment they found for me in Nordend is just great! Thanks for that!

Kazimierz, Frankfurt, March 2012

Corporate Employee Relocation from Ireland to Poland

Our company worked with Expats Guide during our new regional M.D. relocation to Europe.

It was a pleasure to work with such an efficient team: clear communication, reliable service and friendly approach. It took no time to organise the paperwork and clarify the tax issues.

Gaele, Houston, TX, August 2011

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