A helpfull update regarding the global current situation

What a strange time we are living… nobody thought about it but here we are to support you. We recommend you always check the official information and not just rely on blogs, personal commentaries or social media post among others.

Here you can find important information about how the processes are carried out in each of the state offices in Berlin, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt.


The Berlin Immigration Office is still open. However, in order to protect against the risk of infection, we have switched to processing customer applications online and in writing.

For people,

  • who have already booked an appointment or
  • whose residence permit has expired or will expire soon, or
  • who are in possession of a certificate confirming permission to remain pending an asylum decision or a certificate of their departure obligation

we have set up online registration procedures on our website.

For these and other concerns, such as

  • the (until further notice not possible) collection of already ordered residence permits or
  • applications for permanent residence permits or
  • applications for amendments to stipulations on existing residency permits

we have provided information in our FAQ.

Our on-site services are restricted to emergency cases.




From Tues. 17.03.2020 to Fr. 29.05.2020

The Office of Public Order will remain closed to the public for reasons of infection control. Appointments for personal meetings can only be made in urgent and urgent individual cases. This measure is necessary to slow down the further spread of the coronavirus.

Detailed information from the departments and contact details for making an appointment can be found at




Offices open only for urgent cases

19.03.2020, 11:30 a.m.

In all offices of the city of Frankfurt am Main with public access, citizens will be served from now on exclusively in urgent cases and by appointment.

The offices cannot be visited without prior telephone clarification.

This takes into account both the requirements of infection protection and the urgent concerns of citizens.

The telephone numbers of the individual offices can be found on the pages Ämter und Institutionen Internal Link. Please also inform yourself of the respective office pages.

The citizens’ advisory service in the old town is completely closed. Please also note: Expired ID cards do not need to be renewed

Accessibility of employment agencies, job centers, and family funds

The job centers, employment agencies, and family funds are currently closed to the public. In addition to the nationwide service number, there is a special hotline in each office. You can find the telephone numbers via the service search.



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