ExpatsGuide Relocation Services is a boutique relocation assistance company serving both individual and corporate customers moving to south Germany: Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Heidelberg, Munich.

We pride ourselves in excellence on our customer service and commitment to the smoothest relocation experience possible.

Since the beginning of our business back in 2010 we offer highly customizable expatriates relocation assistance. In 2013, we have opened up our German headquarter in Frankfurt am Main supporting international personnel moving to Rhein-Main area. As of end of 2015 we have moved our company office to Stuttgart in the Southern Germany to expand our reach to even more cities in Germany.

We have started as a destination service provider in Germany, with more services following the development of the company. We now offer international assignment consulting, intercultural training and entrepreneur’s support in opening up new businesses in Germany.

Our customers come from all around the world and nearly all continents.

Destination Services in Germany

Our 360° approach to destination services covers the whole lifecycle of international assignments to Germany.



We offer professional consultation before the actual relocation, expatriate package negotiation and cost estimates, intercultural training and orientation tours in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Wiesbaden. We consult thoroughly so the expectations about the new country are as close to reality as possible.


We handle the whole process of actual move to Germany. We facilitate the move of the belongings, house & school search, utility registration, bank account opening and various immigration procedures. We will also show the newcomers variety of leisure activities, bring them closer to expatriates community to make sure they settle in well.


During the stay in Germany, we assist expatriates living in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Heidelberg through an on-going support service being their prime partner during their stay in Germany.

We act as a single-point-of-contact in various expatriates matters: We arrange for extension of work and residency permits, renewal of lease contracts, admission to schools and kindergarten, insurances and all other items that might change during the assignment. Spouse support is on our radar as well by offering intercultural coaching and job search assistance.


At the end of the assignment in Germany we prepare the move to the next location or repatriation back to the home location. Starting from a termination of a property and car lease, school contract and other items, we handle the removal of belongings to ensure a smooth transition to the new location.

Our Difference

Why choose ExpatsGuide Relocation Services? Our mission is to serve specific corporate & individual relocation needs and requirements through tailor-made solutions to fit your corporate culture, reach your budget targets and guarantee employee satisfaction.


We allocate one consultant who manages the whole relationship with a transferee. This approach enables to build a relationship between the consultant and the transferee, which in result eases stress related to the move.

Customized Service

We offer tailored made services to fit corporate culture and specific needs of our customers. Our packages are adaptable to requirements and budget of the company and/or transferees.

Risk Mitigation

Our thorough processes and controls ensure risks of fraud are kept to the minimum. Financial liabilities and risks are audited by our management (e.g. lease contracts, immigration matters, etc.)