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Moving to Germany

General information on moving to Germany on expatriate assignment, resources and city profiles in Germany for relocating expatriates, advice on moving to Germany and living in Germany, Germany as an expatriate destination.

Negotiating Expat’s Package

As more and more expatriates are required to negotiate their expat’s package aka expat’s benefits, we have compiled some information on this regard for those in need. Without a firm knowledge about different expat’s allowances and costs-of-living in the host country it’s close to impossible to negotiate an advantageous executive expat’s package.

Preparing for Relocation

The decision to move to Germany an expat on an international assignment and relocate to Germany marks a new phase in your life. It’s not only a challenge from the work perspective, but also a complete change of your personal life. It often feels like starting your life from scratch… We have prepared a checklist of all issues every expat should keep in mind throughout different stages of the relocation process to Germany.

Relocation Process

If you have a chance to use a relocation agency to support you during your move to Germany, you should definitely make the most out of it. A good relocation agent should be your personal advisor throughout the whole relocation process to Germany starting from the moment you have decided to move until you depart home. We advise how to work with a relocation agent to make your move as smooth as possible.

Expat’s Finance & Benefits

Most of the employees moving to Germany on an international assignment would very likely double their annual salary. You will not however see such an increase on you pay-slip, as that includes several allowances, housing, education and other additional benefits. We explain all the details behind and advise how to get prepared to avoid risk of currency fluctuation.

German Rental Property Market

Is it better to rent or buy a real estate in Germany? What every expat should know about rental law in Germany? What are the price fluctuations? What are my rights as a tenant in Germany?