ExpatsGuide Relocation Services assists German citizens during their international assignment abroad through managing their property and tenancy, storing their belongings or supporting their split families.

Departure Assistance

During the move abroad on an international assignment, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the arrangements that need to be done. We will assist you in closing off all the issues inland. We de-register you from the authorities, assist you in dealing with a removal company, manage your property or rental contract cancellation etc.

Tenancy Management

In case you are on an assignment abroad and you own a property in Germany, we assist you in handling all tenancy related issues. Not only we will work together with professional real estate companies to find a reliable tenant for your property, but also will take care of annual cost statement (Jahresabrechnung), will manage all the communication with your tenant, organize repair or maintenance queries. During the change of a tenant we handle move-out arrangement and hand-over of your property to a new renter.


Are you moving abroad and wish to leave some of your belongings in your home country? No problem! We will organise it for you. Stress-free!
We work only with high quality partners to ensure mould-free, dry and warm enough storage places, that keep the value & the standard of your belongings. Contact us for more details.

Split-Family Support

As more and more often, expats go on single assignments and leave their families in the home country, we have created a distinctive service for split families. We organize for all the family members training about the host country culture and a trip to the host location. In the home country we will support with household issues including property management.