ExpatsGuide Relocation Services supports expatriates during their move to Germany. We offer Home Search, International School Search and Immigration. Once you settle in, we will stand at your side anytime you need help with day-to-day issues. At last, we are there for you to organize your departure and support you with the repatriation to a new or home location.

Needs Assessment

Our initial approach is to understand all your needs concerning your relocation. Regardless, if you are an expatriate of your own choice or if you are moving to Germany with your company, we will make a commitment to make your transfer as smooth as possible.

The interview we conduct with you is to gather all the important information to tailor the relocation offer to YOUR specific needs. Our professional consultant makes sure your requests and wishes are fully understood. This initial conversation sets a ground for the future support. It enables our team members to start the relocation groundwork long before you actually set your foot in the new location.

Relocation Costs Estimates & Expat Package Negotiation Assistance

Seeing that some transferees need to negotiate their expatriate package, we created an assistance service of consultation. We share with you all the costs of the move itself, property purchase or rental and cost-of-living in Germany incl. international school fees and admission costs. We prepare for you an estimate, so you can bargain your package.

As an additional service, we will acquaint you with different kinds of expatriate allowances and other typical expatriate benefits, in order for you to be able to negotiate an advantageous package.

Move Facilitation

We organize a professional moving company to ship your belongings. To save your money, we will get quotes from several of our trusted partners. We are also looking at different removal insurances. If you have any special items to ship i.e. art pieces, we take care of all documentation required incl. duties. Similarly if you have a pet, we organize appropriate paperwork for you.

Look & See Visit

You may choose to come to Germany before your actual relocation date, to organize all the necessary items beforehand. If you choose so, we prepare an agenda for your visit to make the best use of your time.

Depending on your prerequisites, we will assist you in visiting schools, kindergartens and rental properties. We can offer you an orientation tour, if you are still undecided which area you are willing to move to. The visit is planned together with you, to ensure you get the most out of it.

Home Search

Expatriate home search is a challenging process. At ExpatsGuide we wisely guide you through the whole process of a home search.

As a first step we conduct a deep needs assessment to understand your requirements in detail. Only then we start the search and pre-select properties meeting your requirements and fit your lifestyle and the budget. We act as your ambassador in negotiations with your future landlord. Lease contract review and explanation of the rights and obligations of both landlords and tenants in Germany belong to our standard service.

To find out more about property choice across various cities in Germany read our expatriate resources.

Temporary Accommodation

For short-term assignees or in case a permanent housing is not available until a later date, we offer a temporary accommodation search. We organize either a serviced apartment, apart-hotel or furnished apartment for you and your family members.

Family Relocation: International School/Daycare Search

As some of international transferees move with their children, we give special assistance to families relocating to Germany. Understanding how important children education is to their parents, we have created a special service of choosing school and/or day care.

The choice of international and bilingual schools in Germany is very wide and often it’s hard to understand the differences between various educational systems and advantages that many school offer above others. We assist parents in finding the right choice for their children. Not only we present a choice of schools in the area, but also we take care of finding the schools that fits into your budget.

Feel free to read through our Expats Resources on Moving to Germany to find out more about international schools and nurseries.

Regional Orientation Tour

Upon your arrival or during the Look & See Visit, we guide you through the region. Your personal relocation consultant shows you where you can shop, dine-out, meet new friends, but also where you can spend a relaxing weekend in & out-of-town.

At last, we will present you an offer of diverse leisure activities including hobby classes in your neighborhood for you and your family members.

As a new-comer being completely new to Germany, this service is one of the most important one, allowing you to settle in well, which is our primary priority. Just relax and make yourself at home.

Immigration Services

As part of relocating to Germany, it is important to obtain relevant work / residence permit.

We offer non-legal assistance in immigration services and support in much needed translations during the application.

Administrative Support / Settling-in

incl. Residency Registration, Tax Number Application, International Driver’s License, German Social Security

The very first step for all expatriates in Germany is to register your address / residency (Anmeldung) in Germany. ExpatsGuide supports you in obtaining relevant documents to do so and personally assist you during the visit at the Municipality Office.

Furthermore we support you in getting around the German Social Security System helping you in applying for Child’s Benefit (Kindergeld), Parental Benefit (Elterngeld), Child Allowance at the Tax Office (Kinderfreibetrag) etc.

If your family situation changes, we are there for you to organize all the required changes ie. registration of a baby, change in tax classification etc.

Your local and/or international driver’s license is valid only throughout the first six months in Germany. During the time you are obliged to exchange your license into the German one. Depending on the country of origin of your current license you might need to pass an extra exam. Ask us to evaulate your license.

Intercultural Training

New culture, new challenges. Newcomers to Germany often face problems related to cultural adjustment and communication. Did you know that 10-50% of expatriate assignments end prematurely. The reason being a family stress and/or cultural inflexibility. As a response we have designed inter-cultural training to make you aware of cultural differences, business protocols, do’s and don’t of the German culture to arm you with supportive tools to deal with a cultural shock.

Our modular approach enables to design sessions to fit your specific situation. All trainings are led by professional intercultural coaches on face-to-face basis.

Post-Arrival Support

incl. Home Move-in Package, Utility Registration, Health Care Providers, Bank Account Opening

Upon you arrival, ExpatsGuide assists you in organizing all utilities, registering you for electricity, telephone, Sky TV, Internet connection, mobile provider and public TV and radio fees, which are compulsory in Germany.

Our consultant inform you about Heath Care System in the area and support you in choosing Family Doctor or any other specialist you need. We might even find a doctor speaking your native language.

At last, just to make you feel at home, we present you an offer of diverse leisure activities including hobby courses in your neighborhood for you and your family members.

Ongoing On-Site Support

Whenever you have a question, a problem to solve, a cleaning lady to find or are simply in need for a handyman, just give us a call and we will organize a personalized service for you.

Repatriation and Departure Support

After your assignment is getting to an end, we organize all wind down services for you. We assist you in termination of your lease contract, claim the deposit, liaise with insurance company in case of damages, and close all the utility contracts, organize for the goods to be shipped and de-register you from local authorities. All these services are optimized to save your money and make your departure as stress-free as possible.

If case you are moving to a new location, we will partner with your new relocation agency to make your next step even smoother.